From the Pastors

                  ‘Who Is Like unto Thee?’ – Exodus 15:11       

          What a question that I need to ask myself again and again! “Who” tells me that the question I am addressing  is a person not a power or force or a doctrine. He is the one who showed His wonders in Egypt and the Red Sea

He had only begun to reveal Himself to Moses and God’s people. They  had only seen a few manifestations of God. Moses had been honored to see His glory and speak to God face to face but still the question came. In our quest for knowing God we often come to this place as Moses did. The pull on our heart is always pointing to the fact that we know only a little about the one who loves us. His understanding and wisdom and power are eternal and cannot be known in a life time. We still see “through a glass darkly.” 

As Paul was shut up in a prison, he concluded that his life was to “Know Christ and the power of HIs resurrection and fellowship of His sufferings.” He who had done wonders and penned a lot of the NT, pressed into the purpose of why God called Him: ‘To reveal Christ to him.”