A day is coming when people will sing, “Give praise to the LORD! Call for him to help you! Tell the nations what he has done! Tell them how great he is!…” Isaiah 12:4-5
None of us know how much longer we will be on this earth. 2020 has shown me that nothing should be taken for granted.  Even in these uncertain times God has poured His grace and mercy upon me. God is in control of everything and I am thankful for this! Tony P
2020 A year of many changes
In January of 2020, the doctors said, if I hadn’t come to them when I did, I would only had a couple days to live.  A very shocking wake up call!  Congestive heart failure, damaged heart and many other physical problems.
BUT….God has been with me holding my hand through all the bad reports and that has been my hope.

The scripture I have been standing on is Romans 12:1-2-  ‘presenting your BODY as a living sacrifice, and be not CONFORMED  to this world…but be TRANSFORMED…’

My body is under a transforming as I continue not to be conformed to this world.   Conforming means not to open the door of COMPROMISE in your life.  Opening up a door to things that “aren’t so bad”…and allowing that little compromise in…once that door is ajar, it opens wider and wider and effects your life and the testimony you have been to others. 

This year I have been transforming and as of this writing, I have lost almost 90lbs, and I’m not finished losing yet.  I am still working through this transforming not only in my body but a renewing of my mindset as I focus on the things of God.   Not compromising to the values of what the world accepts but what does God accept are the things right for me and my walk.

I’m praying and believing for a miracle to my heart…God is a God of miracles, and I’m redeeming the time I have for serving Him. Sonja D